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About Winterberry Group

Fueled by Experience

Winterberry Group is a strategic management consultancy specializing in the intersecting disciplines of advertising, marketing, data, technology and commerce. We bring decades of experience and deep industry, operational and M&A expertise that bridges strategic development and tactical execution—driving unprecedented speed-to-action. And through our highly collaborative approach, we enable knowledge transfer and actionability, giving our clients a competitive edge and powering growth in performance, team engagement and shareholder value.

Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy Consultants Delivering Real Value

You wouldn’t ask a general practitioner to perform brain surgery, so why would you engage a “general” growth strategy consulting firm? You deserve a specialist.

Winterberry Group is the only advisory and consulting firm solely dedicated to advertising, marketing, data, technology and commerce. Our growth strategy advisors offer decades of experience and deep industry, operational and mergers & acquisitions (M&A) expertise in these industries; we truly are growth strategy specialists.

With Winterberry Group, you gain a competitive edge and benefit from growth in performance, team engagement and shareholder value — driving unprecedented speed-to-action and real incremental value.

Does your business deserve a specialist? With a highly collaborative approach, we drive unprecedented speed-to-action, deliver real value & enable knowledge transfer and actionability.

At a Glance

At a Glance
Our Advisors

The Winterberry Group Difference

Our Advisors

Unlike many growth strategy firms, Winterberry Group’s client engagements are all partner-led — with consultants averaging 25+ years of experience. Our team has completed over 700 successful engagements and is consistently building on the base of our global consultants' knowledge and expertise that we bring to all engagements.

Our team has seen all sectors of the market and has learned what works — and what doesn’t. We bring an informed point of view to each process and are continuously learning so we can best support our clients and stay up to date with the market. Our passion for solving problems and desire to continuously improve enable your organization to respond dynamically in a constantly changing dynamic.

We are not just consultants, we have been operators sitting in the chair of the executives and investors from early-stage growth through acquisition strategies and exits. We have the hands-on experience that guides our thinking and approach.

With executives based in North America and Europe, we bring a global and local perspective to growth geographies and the opportunities and risks associated with global expansion.

Our mission is a commitment to deliver value in everything we do.

Our Specialized

Our Specialized Industry Experience

Our deep industry knowledge and experience effectively delivers value for business owners, executives and the investor community. We work with businesses in these sectors and industries:

  • Advertising/Marketing Services, Specialty Service Providers and Media Companies: including agencies, consultancies, system integrators and technology-enabled solution providers.

  • Data/Technology: including data compilers, data management technology developers and Adtech/Martech platforms. 

  • Commerce Solutions: including technology and service-oriented firms that enable brands to optimize their customer’s omnichannel customer buying journey.


Our Outcome Difference

Winterberry Group delivers results with clear, honest information. Rather than fuzzy understandings and muddled analysis presentations, we offer actionable insights, clear knowledge and measurable results.

We will tell you what you need to hear to design and execute actionable strategic plans.

Sometimes it may be tough love, but we want your organization to be better and do better. We are candid while giving you a competitive edge and powering growth in performance, team engagement and shareholder value.

Helping Grow Value and Impact With Specialized Growth Strategy Consulting

Are you ready to:

  • Understand the emerging opportunities in your market?

  • Create actionable strategies?

  • Execute high-performing investments?

  • Align your management team on a common vision?

  • Grow the value for all of your stakeholders — employees, investors and customers?

If so, get in touch with our team and learn how we can help you grow.