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Spending On Identity Software For Advanced TV To Hit $5.5B By 2026

MediaPost covered the release of our latest research, “The Outlook for Identity in Advanced Television: Challenges & Opportunities,” citing spend on identity software for Advanced TV.

“The technology to track viewer behavior while respecting consumer behavior is a high-growth business, with spending on identity solutions in the United States more than doubling from $2.25 billion last year to $5.5 billion by 2026, according to an estimate from Winterberry Group.

The consulting firm, whose forecast appears in a white paper titled “Outlook for Identity in Advanced Television: Challenges and Opportunities,” points out several drivers of adopting identity solutions – and hurdles to overcome. Identity solutions provide a key underpinning to the convergence of media buying on linear TV and streaming video, which about 62% of media and marketing professionals in the United States expect to happen on a single programmatic platform, Winterberry found in a survey of media and marketing professionals.”

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