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Email And SMS Saw Tepid Growth In 2022, Study Finds

Media Post covered our latest research, Outlook for Advertising, Marketing and Data 2023, citing our U.S. ad spend for email and SMS.

“Email/SMS grew by 5.7% last year, falling far behind CTV (+46.5%), digital video (+17.5%), search (+16.1%) and digital-out-of-home (+15) in growth, according to Outlook for Advertising, Marketing and Data 2023: Clouds on the Horizon?, a report by Winterberry Group.

A total of $6 billion was spent on email, versus $98.4 million for search and $60 million for paid social. 

But growth decelerated in most channels from 2020 to 2023 for an average of 5.8% -- down from a high of 20.8% heading into 2021.”

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