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New Tools, Developments and Innovations Transforming B2B Marketing

CustomerThink cites Winterberry Group data from our white paper released in January, Outlook for Advertising, Marketing and Data 2022: The Rally Will Continue.

“New research from the UK agency Considered Content reveals that the B2B buying cycle since COVID-19 is longer, slower and more risk averse than ever. But that more than half of B2B buyers would prefer to be able to buy without the involvement of a salesperson at all. At the same time, only 9% of marketers say they are providing online all the information buyers need to make a purchase decision. This suggests marketers must prepare for more comprehensive online buying capabilities. No wonder Bruce Biegel of Winterberry Group predicts that “B2B ecommerce will grow at a 17.9% CAGR and hit $1.9 trillion by 2023—doubling from 2019.”

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